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The Estonian director Neeme Kuningas, the author more than hundred performances – operas, operettas and musicals which he put on the stages of many countries of the world, returned an opera masterpiece on the Minsk stage.
On Tuesday December 10 in the State Research and Practical Center of children oncology and hematology was a significant event: the first temporary house was donated to the Center by Embassy of Poland.

The next meeting «At intersections of Europe» took place in a patrimonial Radzivill nest, the richest and influential family of the Lithuanian Principality.
In the Belarusian House of Friendship on the street Zakharova was the ceremony of inauguration of the new chairmen of the three Rotary clubs in Minsk.
The 1st Rotarian Charity Ball in Belarus took place in Minsk in the beginning of April. The aim of the ball was to gather funds for a purchase of medical ventilators for disabled children who suffer from muscle myopathy.
The traditional annual visit of the District Governor in Belarus is always an important event for the Belarusian Rotarians.
The charity project, aimed at a preparation of children from orphanages for independent life, will run in Poland now.
Friendship between the Embassy of Great Britain and Rotary Club «Minsk» has already become traditional. And it is very important for the club not to break the tradition.  
Of course, we have to add “in their dreams”. But on the other hand – some part of it is real. Especially, after the visit of Rotarians from Rotary Club Minsk.
Group of children from orphanage №4 started visiting one of the most popular Minsk fit club “Bagira” on the regular basis
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