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11.05.2012 16:35

For Your Body And Soul To Be Young, Don’t Be Afraid Of Either Heat Or Cold

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Group of children from orphanage №4 started visiting one of the most popular Minsk fit club “Bagira” on the regular basis

A member of the rotary club «Ratusha» Natalia Novozhilova has come up with a wonderful project and realized it. Its very important super-task is, to put it in scientifically, to provide conditions for children from orphanages to socialize. In other words, there is a huge problem: even if you fully endow orphans, children still need to communicate normally with both their peers and adults

Natalia Novozhilova’s idea is simple: she has provided a group of teenagers from orphanage №4 with an opportunity to attend her fit club weekly.

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Actually, even two groups of teenagers are involved – one group is for boys and one - for girls. Everything happens for real and in adult way: they have coaches and module programme. After trainings there is a sauna, and after sauna children drink fragrant herbal tea to restore. However group members change from time to time. A lot of children want to spend their Sunday morning in the gym – in fact, there are so many volunteers, that they can not fit in it. Children got a strong impetus to show good results in their studies, and attendance to fit club has become a prize for them, while being unable to visit it has become a punishment.

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For the time being children communicate primarily with young instructors and the difference in age with them is not that big. A task in hand is to create mixed groups, where children from the orphanage would be able to communicate with children from ordinary schools in Minsk.

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Natalia Novozhilova is very active, and this project just marks a beginning of another one, which is much larger. Where she intends to cover practically all Belarusian orphanages. It is about the contests and competitions in the fitness field among children and teenagers, for example - the competition for the title of "Miss Fitness". Everyone likes this idea and fully supports it. They need to develop a statute of the contest and man up an initiative group. Work is already underway.

Photo by Eugene Belkovich

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