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14.05.2012 08:50

Oshmyany Is Going To America

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Of course, we have to add “in their dreams”. But on the other hand – some part of it is real. Especially, after the visit of Rotarians from Rotary Club Minsk.

 The meeting was a part of the project “Culinary classes with pluses”, where “the pluses” deal with national culture. This time it was a story about America.

Oshmyany 01

As usual, lots of people visited Oshmyany. Leaders of the project Ekaterina Grinevich and Elena Mikulchiv received help from a Rotarian Aleksandr Zolotuhin and a group of students volunteers from BSU, FIR and a member of Rotaract from “Ratusha” Club.

Oshmyany 03

Polina Vasilinyuk, a student of Belarusian State University prepared a presentation about American youth culture – graffiti and hip-hop. It wasn’t just a story; there was a whole collection of video, a little bit later, when the children moved to the sport hall, they could even practice hip-hop dancing. Such classes have been held since the very beginning of the project and are very popular among kids. Finally, even the shiest boys were dancing.

Oshmyany 02

Then the children had an opportunity to meet a true American. Gregory Harrison, a volunteer from the USA, also took part in this project. As a responsible person, he prepared a presentation about his country, but he impressed everybody with his songs and his voice.

Oshmyany 04

Gregory is a good singer, so his mini-concert pleased everyone. But the children made a mini-concert in response.

Oshmyany 05

Ekaterina Grinevich prepared her story about the country of bison and hamburgers. She knows a lot about this subject – as she teaches English.

Oshmyany 07

Oshmyany 08

Oshmyany 09

Oshmyany 10

After that Elena Mikulchik presented her part of the project. She prepared some very special American dish.

Oshmyany 11

This time the dish of the day was pumpkin cookies with cinnamon and chocolate chips. The recipe of this typically American dish wasn’t from a culinary book, it was a present from their American friends the Huffs – Rotarians and volunteers from Charitable Organization “SOFIA”.

Oshmyany 13

The smells were the most delicious and mouth-watering.

Oshmyany 12

The feast was the most wonderful!

Oshmyany 14

After it the children felt themselves comfortable and cheerful.

Oshmyany 15

The children showed the guests their unique museum.

Oshmyany 16

Oshmyany 17

There is a special stand, dedicated to Rotary Club. Which is easy to explain, as Rotary Club “Minsk” and the orphanage have long history of friendship. Everybody remembers, that the dormitory block was build by Rotarians.

Oshmyany 18

In summer, Rotarians plan to start their new project, with the main idea – to build an ecological path.

Oshmyany 19

It is always difficult to say good bye, nobody wants to finish this wonderful day.

Oshmyany 20

Oshmyany 21

Oshmyany 22

Oshmyany 23

But everybody knows, that it will be continued.


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