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12.11.2012 16:50

Mr.Bruce Bucknell told the Rotarians about British volunteers

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Friendship between the Embassy of Great Britain and Rotary Club «Minsk» has already become traditional. And it is very important for the club not to break the tradition.  


That's why when the information about the arrival of a new Head of the mission became public, the Ambassador was invited to a meeting of RC «Minsk» almost immediately. The previous Ambassador Rosemary Thomas visited the club in the past and gave the Rotarians a lecture on charity in Great Britain. Later she also gave a practical lesson, when the Rotarians visited a charity picnic for Minsk hospice, which has been supported by the Embassy of Great Britain for many years.

Coincidentally, Mr. Bucknell had come to Minsk before the Olympics in London started and his welcome party was at the same time as an opening ceremony of the Olympic games. So his report at the meeting in Rotary Club Mr. Ambassador began with this theme. It turned out that a lot of volunteers helped with the Olympic games in London. Their work was really outstanding.

After the report there was a free conversation between the Ambassador and the Rotarians (from all three Minsk clubs). They discussed a lot of other matters as well. Great Britain and RC «Minsk» happened to have great relationship. The Honorary Consul of Belarus in South Wales, Michael Rye works actively with charity projects in Mogilev. The chairman of the Irish charity fund «Chernobyl Children's Trust» Simon Walsh is involved in a big project of temporary houses building in the Children Oncological Centre in Borovlyany.

Now Mr.Bruce Bucknell is learning the Russian language actively. And despite of the fact that all club members, trying to be polite, addressed him in English, the guest with a smile asked to speak to him in Russian. The exception was made only for another guest of the meeting, Peter Elfimov, who sang Christ's aria from the rock opera «Jesus Christ Superstar» in good English. This way the final of the meeting was a bit dramatic, but rather optimistic. This will not be the last meeting for sure!

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