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20.03.2013 15:39

The Project «Cookery» Arrives To Poland

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The charity project, aimed at a preparation of children from orphanages for independent life, will run in Poland now.

For two years Belarus has been welcoming various foreign guests, who took part in the project of Rotary Club Minsk «Cookery +». Its aim is to teach culture and cuisine of different countries to the pupils of Oshmyany boarding school. And now time came for Belarusian people to go to see the world and to tell about our native Belarus.

In February the 1st international act of the project «Cookery +» took place in Warsaw. After the reception of an invitation from Rotary Club «Victory» a small group from Rotaract and Rotary Club Minsk went to Poland.

Poland 01

The form of an action remained the same: introduction to the country and obligatory culinary component. Our peoples have the same history and it's no wonder that the national cuisine is alike. Different dish names, a bit different cooking technology but the same culinary preferences.

That's the picture of the orphanage in Warsaw.

Poland 02

Twenty pupils live here but attend an ordinary school and study together with other children on equal terms. Unfortunately, in Poland, as well as in Belarus, there's such a phenomenon as social orphans. It means that these children have parents, who are deprived of parental rights. But relatives can take the children during week-ends or holidays.

In Poland there's a law according to which it's banned to take pictures and use in mass-media photos of civilians without their concern. The same applies for children. In Belarus we haven't got such laws and in the beginning it was difficult to take pictures in a way that you could not recognize a child.

Poland 03

Polish children have a lot in common with Belarusian children. They are also open-minded and kind. There were almost no problems with language, because the Belarusian and the Polish are alike. Almost 40% of words sound the same. And if there is something ambiguous, you can always use gestures.

Poland 04

After multimedia presentation of Belarus the participants of the project and the children went to the kitchen to cook a traditional Belarusian dish Babka. In Poland there's also such a dish, but in different regions of the country it's called «kartonlyana babka» or «kugel». And in some places in Poland people don't know it at all.

Poland 05

Polish children cooked Belarusian-Polish Babka with pleasure. Everyone, boys and girls, participated in the process.

Poland 06

Nothing unites better than collective work and friendly meal.

Poland 08a

The party was noisy and cheerful. The future plans were discussed. Now we wait Polish delegation to visit Belarus in return.

Special thanks to Renata Yaroslavskaya and her family for a warm reception and transportation support during our visit to the country. Renata is a frequent guest in Minsk. She made a lot for strengthening of Belarusian-Polish relationship. Talking to Renata makes you understand that Rotary is one big family with no boundaries.

Thanks a lot to people fron Rotaract «Victory», especially Witek Wierzchowski, Jarek Sauczek, Maciek Kielanowski, Kuba Jakubowski, for an unforgivable week-end in Warsaw.

Poland 09

Project coordinator Elena Mikulchik

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