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14.08.2013 09:26

Belarusian Rotarians greet the New Year in the House of Friendship

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In the Belarusian House of Friendship on the street Zakharova was the ceremony of inauguration of the new chairmen of the three Rotary clubs in Minsk.

In Rotary do not like long meetings, pathos and officialdom. However, once a year, at the beginning of July is really a very important event that is worth mentioning as it is possible more solemn. Start a new Rotary year and the coming into office of the new club chairman - not a mere formality. Begins a new period starting new projects, and the new leader is often contributes to the club's major policy adjustments.

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Small and cozy hall of the House of Friendship, which were Rotarian events at the beginning of the activities of the club 20 years ago, has once again opened its doors to welcome Rotarians and guests of the event. Duration of reporting and welcoming speeches were limited to three minutes, so that at the opening nobody was bored.

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However, it was impossible not to dwell on the most important events that happened in the life of the Belarusian clubs during the cadence from July 2012 to July 2013. Of course, the most visible and successful project of the cadence was Rotarian Charity Ball of Flowers, which took place on April 6. About it told the chief inspirer and organizer of the ball, paste-chairman of the Rotary club "Minsk" 2011/12 Michael Hochman. And not only told, but he also handed honorary Rotarian diplomas.

Sounded sincere gratitude to the leadership of House of Moscow. Perhaps this is the only building in Minsk, which is ideal for such unusual and special occasions, as a charity ball. Thanksgiving diploma was handed over to Svetlana Panteleeva. She is an administrator to the House of Moscow.

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To guide of the Musical Theatre diploma was handed to Tatiana Nikanovich. The Symphony Orchestra of the Musical Theatre has created the very unique atmosphere of Ball, which was noted by all who was there. The director of the theatre Alexander Petrovich and the conductor Yuri Galyas helped Rotary to arrange this holiday. The Musical Theatre at the Rotary meeting was represented by Tatiana Nikanovich, who has done a lot to feast took place.

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Also the head of event agency "BonBon" Elena Bondarenko received f lot of words of appreciation.She has invested a lot of energy and individual initiative in this project.

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Club Rotaract "Minsk" received the Charter only in February 2013. However, during its short history it has already managed to make a lot of things. Activists of the club have become indispensable helpers in almost all the projects of RC "Minsk", which require assistance of volunteers. The club had enough its projects. Marina Zoric, charter president of the club and Julia Grin has received deservedly honorary diplomas.

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President of Rotary Club "City" Marina Rudakova told us about the club that has been done and what is planned for the future.

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With such a brief report took the word president of RC ''Ratusha''/"Town Hall" Yuri Polyakov.

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Traditionally,the representative of the Governor of District 2230 in Belarus Sergei Filippov summed up.

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The representative of the Fund Rotary Michael Davydik will do a lot of work ia a new cadence, because a series of joint-matching grants are planned. In addition to the June 1, 2013 came into force new rules of registration and obtaining grants. They have yet to master.

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Treasurer of the Belarusian part of the D-2239 Igor Vorobyov also have to make in a cadence 2013/14 a lot of effort to keep finance and accounting Rotary is still clear and transparent.

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After a short mandatory accounting reports was announced musical break. Mikhail Lila, twice winner of the President's Fund to support talented youth showed two romances before Rotarians Michael is one of the most promising young talents of Belarus. At 19 years old, he is already a winner of several international singing competitions and festivals. In the meantime he is just studing.

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Finally, came the most important moment of the ceremony is the transfer of symbols of the club presidents.

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Incoming Presidents of three clubs in Minsk received from the President 2013/14 attribute of his office.It is the president's necklace, Silver Rotary wheel on a special tape.

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Rotaract "Minsk" also took part in the procedure. The new president of the club Anatoly Murashkevich received a president sign from the hands of the charter president of Marina Zorich. Special sign for a new club arrived in Minsk from specialized Rotary workshop in Mumbai just a week before the ceremony.

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New presidents also addressed to the audience with brief treatments. Alexander Krasovsky (RC "City") said that the policy of the club will build in a close and friendly interaction with other Belarusian clubs.

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Alexei Kolb (RC "City Hall") took the right time to hand icon to a new member of his Rotary club.

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The cadence of Galina Shabaylovova will be very special. During this period RC "Minsk" will celebrate a significant date - the 20th anniversary since its inception. In addition, Galina was the first in the history of the Belarusian Rotary female president.

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In connection with this wonderful fact of "Women's Caucus" RC "Minsk", Svetlana Kobachevskaya and Catherine Ignatov Galina did a special gift: a butterfly from Swarovski crystal, brought from the Fifth Avenue.

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Past-president of the club 2012/13 Yuri Bud'ko also made a gift. It was a set of "brand" containers to keep records of the club, as well as a scarf, which is used as an ornament symbolism of the Rotary future cadence. And he, too, is not without a gift was and got out of hand Galina a tie with the same brand of Rotary ornament.

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At the same time the official part was over. Galina Shabaylova, а chairman of the Rotary club "Minsk" 2013/14 notified about this by traditional kick in the Rotorian bell.

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Rotarians and guests gradually moved to the informal part of the meeting. It is communication, which is always in Rotary is an important point of any event.

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Introduction to the buffet table took place under the natural sounds of the blues.

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Guest of the meeting, the interim attorney of the USA in Belarus Goldrich Eaton (Eton Goldrich) found interesting interlocutors, their compatriots. Gary and John Kaylin, members of the Rotary club "Minsk", citizens of the USA are in Belarus, with the mission of working in the charitable society "Sophia.

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Gradually, all the participants have moved into a charming courtyard of the Friendship House and a warm July evening disposed.

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In the yard was the last event on the agenda is a charity lottery. Souvenirs made by talented children from orphanages were played out. Less than an hour was bought lottery tickets in the amount of $ 1,300. The money will be transferred to The Rotary Foundation for the fight against polio.

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