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25.10.2013 13:11

Visit to Black Lady of Nesvizh Took Place

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The next meeting «At intersections of Europe» took place in a patrimonial Radzivill nest, the richest and influential family of the Lithuanian Principality.

After five years restoration works the ancient palace became practically the most popular tourist object in Belarus. For the first half a year after opening it was visited by half a million tourists. And it is made no wonder because except ancient history the full-fledged modern complex here is created: cafe, restaurant, hotel, shopping center. Now you can come to Nesvizh to relax with your family or friends for some days. The complex and park adjoining to it are huge. So, despite very saturated program, participants of a meeting «At intersections of Europe» managed to look at only small part of that offers Nesvizh.

Nesvizh 02

The weather forecast for September 21-22, when our Rotarian meeting was planned, was quite disturbing. Weather forecasters promised almost a Flood – well, a continuous and pouring rain, at least. As the most part of a meeting had to pass in open-air, the pouring rain wasn't in our plans. However, really rainy weather was absolutely suitable for action.

Nesvizh 03

The guests came to Nesvizh from different countries, but all of them were discipline, because our joint dinner and the first excursion were on time. Loretta Bosiene and Loreta Karalyute, from women's Rotary Club «Queen Louise» (Lithuania, Klaipeda), came to Belarus for the first time.

Nesvizh 04

And at once pleasant surprises began. Rotary Club's guests led in the place, where usually there is no entrance for tourists. Observation decks are a small territory on fortifications with very cool slopes. One careless movement and it is possible to roll down head over heels in a ditch approximately from 10-meter height. When there are a lot of people, it can be dangerous. But a magnificent view on system of lakes and channels, and also on old park which occupies the territory about one hundred hectares were worth it to rise to these observation decks.

Nesvizh 07

Among guests there was known in Belarus pictorialist Irena Gudiyevskaya, therefore quality of photos was guaranteed.

Nesvizh 05

The guests started to take photos, but even the cameras of good quality aren't capable to catch in a shot all beauty which opens from castle walls.

Nesvizh 09

These are our joint first photos.

Nesvizh 10

Certainly, flag of the Rotary Club «Minsk» didn't rise by Everest and didn't fly to space unlike other Rotarian flags, but it was in the most ancient and nice historical places of Belarus.

Nesvizh 11

Further there was one more pleasant and romantic surprise – a dive to the underground passage. During restoration of adits it was found quite a lot (and it is obvious that isn't found even more). This fragment of an underground vault is only which is safe and available to employees of a museum (or to especially dear visitors) for today.

Nesvizh 06

Initially this adit intended for supply by ammunition of the soldiers battling on castle walls. So it isn't especially adapted for tourists walks. But both the underground passage and its vicinities were perfectly suitable for expressive pictures: the guest of the Club designer of clothes Natasha Potkina took with her two charming children Lev and Evelina, a member of Rotary Club Sergey Zhdanovich and a guest from Germany Evgeniy.

Nesvizh 14

The underground passage brought to the following observation deck, on the other side of the castle. This place was extremely suitable for romantic family photos, and the member of RC «Minsk» Andrey Zharinov and his wife Anjelica used this opportunity.

Nesvizh 12

The group went down from castle walls in ancient autumn gloomy park. Rotarians walked along the whole gallery of various park sculptures, which have legends or interesting stories.

Nesvizh 16

There is something that grants wishes in any good tourist place. We have such a good place in Nesvizh. The wish will be granted if you touch the text that is on the stone.

Nesvizh 15

The guide assured that action of a stone was repeatedly checked and wishes were granted. But you need to wait for some years, because a lot of tourists is coming to Nesvizh. However, some don't wait, and simply do the part and achieve success: the guests of the Club Leonora and Vladimir Isaenya.

Nesvizh 17

After that there was one more excursion. It was inside of the castle. Then the guests visited a family burial-vault of the Radzivili. It is in Farny church near  castle complex. Further some events were deployed during a friendly dinner.

Nesvizh 18

Nesvizh 20

The special certificates, that confirming stay on the Belarusian land, were prepared for our guests. They were handed by Past-President  Alexandr Anishchenko.

Nesvizh 24

Lithuanian RC «Kaunas» was presented by Eduardas Chernulis. People from Minsk have carried out the big charitable project for pupils of the orphanage in Oshmyany for 4 years with this club.

Nesvizh 22

Rotary Club «Varshava-Belveder» was presented by Martin Grodskiy. Belarusians are already connected by a lot of things with this Rotary Club and even more planned on the future.

Nesvizh 23

Belarusians got acquainted with young Rotary Club «Queen Louise» from Klaipeda during Rotariada in Druskininkaye. There is no doubt, this is a beginning of great friendship.

Nesvizh 25

Guests also arrived with gifts.

Nesvizh 19

A charitable lottery with fund raising in advantage for Nursing home of the city of Nesvizh was one of the main action. The member of the RС «Minsk»Svetlana Kobachevskaya presented to guests lots – the various things that made by people's hands that live in Nursing home – as a rule, pleasant and useful things in a life. Some of them was found at once practical application. For example, warm knitted «grandmother's» socks in quite cool and damp evening were useful at once.

Nesvizh 21

Small chocolates were in the lottery drum instead of lottery tickets – a quite good consolation prize for those who won nothing at all. All «tickets» were bought up completely. As a result, it was succeeded to collect the sum equivalent of 500 dollars for veterans. That it is quite enough to get for them two boilers for water heating.

Nesvizh 26

The song was performed by 7-year-old Evelina Potkina. It marked the dinner termination, but not a program.

Nesvizh 28

The owner of the castle Michal Radzivill, his wife and the daughter waited for guests on a night promenade.

Nesvizh 27

Dear visitors led to the Gold hall – the most beautiful and solemn, really worthy room of kings of the palace.

Nesvizh 29

Welcoming speeches were accompanied by live music performed with ancient tools. It was approximately such what had listened Radzivill's family here.

Nesvizh 30

Guests of honor were conducted in the following hall. It is devoted to the hunting – the most favourite entertainment of castle owners. Here it was possible to play game on the well-known billiard table, which responded a unique melody on each ball which has got to a billiard pocket.

Nesvizh 31

Urshula, the daughter of the owner, told about her passion on the theatre.

Nesvizh 32

She showed how theatrical cars work and started a magic lamp.

Nesvizh 33

All this wise theatrical mechanics found application rather often, because they had three theatres. Now this mechanics is exposed in the palace at an entrance to a Theatrical hall.

Nesvizh 34

In the Theatrical hall where guests comfortably took place on ancient chairs, they were waited by the main event of evening. It was a meeting with the Black young lady. The love story of Barbara and Sigismund, who was the king of The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, is worthy Shakespeare's feather. Love and death go hand in hand in this story, but Barbara's ghost still disturbs imagination of visitors of the castle.

Nesvizh 35

It wasn’t the end of the story. After visiting the The guests went to the operating chapel after visiting the Theatrical hall. It’s situated in the palace and famous for its tremendous acoustics. «Ave Maria» sounded for our guests. It was performed by a harmonium and flute. Everybody had opportunity to think about eternity and love.

Nesvizh 37

Hospitable castle owners left the castle to say goodbye to us, and certainly, didn't refuse to be photographed for memory.

Nesvizh 36

It was late, but the hotel was nearby as it is a part of a castle complex.

Nesvizh 38

The majority of guests wished walking in the park after reception in the castle and even the drizzling rain frightened nobody. Despite eventful Saturday, absolutely short night,the next Sunday morning many got up very early. Walking in the park is romantic and picturesque in the morning.

Nesvizh 41

Also there is a chance to meet Young lady of Nesvizh on the bank of the lake who looks thoughtfully afar.

Nesvizh 39

The autumn landscape of Nesvizh is good.

Nesvizh 40

Nesvizh 42

The gloomy medieval yard is very good for taking photos. It was estimated by Svetlana Kobachevskaya (RC «Minsk») and Rimvidas Baranauskas (RC «Vilnius»).

Nesvizh 44

On Sunday conference in the Hetman hall of the palace took place. It is the most beautiful room that is closed for tourists.

Nesvizh 45

The President of RC «Minsk» Galina Shabaylova told to guests about the Belarusian projects and invited to cooperation.

Nesvizh 46

RC «Minsk» got a traditional banner from women's club «Queen Louise»(Klaipeda).

Nesvizh 47

Representatives of each club (there were representatives of five clubs) had an opportunity to tell about the clubs and about the projects.

Nesvizh 48

Marcin Grodsky (RC «Varshava-Belveder») was the last who took a word at the conference. He promised to come to Belarus more often.

Nesvizh 49

Here we also decided that it is necessary to continue to communicate, go to each other on a visit, realize useful and interesting projects. Generally, Rotary exists for this purpose.

Nesvizh 50

Text: Yury Budko
Photo: Irena Gudievskaya, Yury Budko



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