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27.12.2013 11:30

Pension in Borovlyany is the National Charitable Project of 2014

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On Tuesday December 10 in the State Research and Practical Center of children oncology and hematology was a significant event: the first temporary house was donated to the Center by Embassy of Poland.

When in 1997 the Children Oncological Center was put up, was planned construction of the second bulk, where parents of sick children can live. For this purpose the respective territory was allocated and communications are laid. Construction projects were started three times in 15 years. But nevertheless, construction cost even in calculations turned out all the time such high, what even the most generous eventually gave up.

Now children’s parents who don't have a place in the medical bulk, are compelled to look for housing in Borovlyany, or to go on procedures from Minsk. It is deadly for children, whose immunity is weakened by chemotherapy and easily catches any infection. The treatment is very long. It is necessary to go on procedures for 2-3 months. It is natural that it costs expensive and not each parent is able to afford (citizens of Belarus receive treatment free of charge in the Center).

The solution came together with emergence of new technologies. In Belarus after Western Europe mastered production of so called mobile houses. Such houses are produced in the gild and are ready to be fixed during one day. As the house has no foundation, it stands on four metal props and it can be any time removed. It does not need a long and high price procedure of designing and coordination.

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Specially for Children Oncological Centre in Borovlyany the company «Domex» developed a project of a house for two families with general entrance and a kitchen and separate bedroom and bathroom. Such project allows to live in the house quite a long time if it is needed (its floor space is app. 25 sq. m) for two families – a  mother and  a kid. It is possible to live in the house during the whole year, it is equipped by heating apparatus, the wall thicknesses of 15 cm allows to get easy with the temperatures till -25 C in the  winter. Other communications – water, electricity, canalization are easy to plumb to existing infrastructure.

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The building company «Felix» made geodetic survey of the territory and  project documents for the communications as a charitable event. It turned out that it is possible to put 20 mobile houses on the territory of the Clinic, it means 40 more patients could get there treatment.

Now it is necessary to find only money for purchase of twenty houses and for laying of communications. The necessary sum is 700 thousand euros. Though the sum is 5 times less, than it is required on capital construction, but too big. However, there is an opportunity to put houses one by one in process of collecting of money.

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Many public organizations which cooperate for a long time with the Children Oncological Center showed a great interest to the project. First of all is the society «Children in Trouble» uniting parents which children are treated for oncological diseases. The chairman of society Evgeniy Ukraintsev has already done a lot to this project. Thanks to his efforts charitable societies from Holland, Spain and Ireland have already expressed readiness to take part in the project. Part of money has already arrived into the Belarusian accounts.

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The initial and most laborious work was assumed by the Belarusian members of Rotary Club of Minsk. The Rotarian Mikhail Davydik, the employee of the company «Felix», headed group of the engineers who have created technical documentation for laying of communications. The Rotarian Andrey Zharinov’s company «Prefabricated concrete plant» worked on a building ground. The company took part in the tender for creation of communications and won it, having completely refused the profit.

Priorbank also took an active part in the project. The director of the secretariat Lyudmila Nevyglas actively joined in the project and attracted in it a number of partners of bank. Thus, it is possible to say that Priorbank will paid 6 houses for Borovlyany at least.

The first house took place near the medical bulk of Oncological Center thanks to Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Belarus. At the initiative of the ambassador of the Republic of Poland Leshek Sherepka were voted 30 thousand euros for the Children Oncological Center. This money sufficed on construction of the first house of future pension and on a playground.

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The fund «Polish Help» has been participating in charitable events in Belarus for a long time. Repairs were made in the Belarusian orphanages and shelters at the expense of fund many times. However the first house of pension in Borovlyany has special, symbolical value. Until the end of the project still far but there is the first house and everybody can see that as the project goes and develops. Even if future building ground is hidden under snow, but two more houses are framing in the gild. But the main thing is that everyone who will become interested in the project, can come into a house, look as it is arranged inside, to be convinced that in the winter in it isn't cold.

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The ceremony of donation of a children's playground and temporary house took place solemnly, but without excess grandiosity. The ambassador of the Republic of Poland Leshek Sherepka handed over to the director Olga Aleynikova the folder with the documents confirming the fact of transfer of material values in gift.

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The First Deputy Minister of Health Dmitriy Pinevich noted importance and significance of event for Republic of Belarus. Guests and participants of the project exchanged short speeches and then went outside to the house.

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Now there is a lot of snow on the building ground. But in spring as soon as snow will descend, work here will begin and pension «Borovlyany» can be plotted.

On the photo, on the path from left to right: First secretary of Embassy of Poland in Republic of Belarus Pavel Yessa, Plenipotentiary ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Republic of Belarus Leshek Sherepka, chairman of fund «Children in Trouble» Evgeniy Ukraintsev, director of the State Research and Practical Center of children oncology and hematology Olga Aleynikova, former vice-chairman of Humanitarian department Vladimir Chavko, First Deputy Minister of Health of Republic of B elarus Dmitriy Pinevich.

Text and photo: Yury Budko

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