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05.03.2014 09:19

The Theatre Director, the Rotarian Neeme Kuningas Put «Rigoletto» on the Stage in Minsk

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The Estonian director Neeme Kuningas, the author more than hundred performances – operas, operettas and musicals which he put on the stages of many countries of the world, returned an opera masterpiece on the Minsk stage.

The opera Rigoletto – top of creativity not only Giuseppe Verdi, but also one of the highest tops in quatercentenary history of world opera art as a whole. This performance has hundreds scenic interpretations. A new production of «Rigoletto» became the sixth in the history of the Opera and Ballet House in Minsk, and in the creative biography to Neeme Kuningas who was until recently the main director of the Tallinn theater «Estonia» – the third appeal to Verdi's masterpiece. Neeme didn't begin to copy last productions. He submitted the new author's version. Moreover, as the director claims, productions for three structures of actors don't copy each other, and have the distinctions considering specific features of singers.

The rotating design which was thought up the art director from Finland by Anna Kontek, allowed to exclude practically in performance loss of time for change of scene. Thanks to this function action doesn't lose the dynamics.

Important element of treatment of character of Rigoletto who offered Neeme Kuningas – the clown and the humpback on a plot at it is that for fun. Coming home, he removes the hump together with a fool's cap and hangs up on a hanger in a hall. He becomes very similar to the character of the movie Leos Carax «Holy Motors». Thus, remaining in a form classical and traditional, production gets elements of a modern art house.


Neeme came to the meeting of the Rotary Club of Minsk and told about his work in The Opera and Ballet House. According to tradition, the President of Club Galina Shabailova received from the guest as a gift a Rotarian Banner from Estonia and handed over to him one from Belarus. The guest received one more gift – the book about modern art «25 years to the Vitebsk festival of modern choreography» which was published with the Belarusian Rotarian support. Also many kind words are told about remarkable Estonian dancing collective «Fine Five» in this book. As it became clear, Neeme had to cooperate with these actors closely. We found general friends.


As told Neeme Kuningas, he felt very comfortably in Minsk, because he graduated the same school of art, as the Belarusian actors. When the director and actors understand theatre through psychological realism similar, it is easy and simply to find a common language. Besides, the director remained is very happy with quality of a vocal and professional level of the Belarusian actors.

The premiere of the performance «Rigoletto» took place on March 1st and 2nd. It was accepted by the Belarusian audience enthusiastically. Neeme Kuningas and the members of Rotary Club of Minsk became good friends.

Text: Yuriy Budko
Photo: Mikhail Davydik

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